March 20, 2023

Book a flight using facebook

Looks like facebook is for all. Back then you can’t imagine you mom or your old boss will sign up for myspace. Myspace things is only for teenagers.

On the other hand, facebook, although not the early player in social networking site, facebook already like a de facto or a standard if you have a computer, a tablet or a laptop. Apart from microsoft office software, you also must have a facebook.

So all kind of people sign up for facebook account or pages. Forget the teens because they certainly like to wasting time on the Internet. Now we got religious group, an Egyptian revolutionist, the moms group, teachers, the Prime Minister also use facebook.

Because of so wide audience, makes facebook a practical place for commercial application.

Now I know Malaysia Airlines System using facebook to draw facebook community booking a flight with them.

You should check it out. Just like any application like the farmville on your facebook sidebar. You accept the application and it will be MHbuddy application along with your farmville , love couple, ninja saga,cafe world etc..

Maybe the advantage is you can chat or message your fren about promotion, flight schedule or whatever while doing it. Same online booking facilities but added more fun and socialize.

The page is

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