March 20, 2023

More golf course in Malaysia

Consider soccer is a famous sport in Malaysia, but we have more golf course than a football stadium here. Even for a small state like Melaka have 4 golf course. Hmmm I wonder why they don’t call it a golf field…

You can count how many of your friends have a golf club,a golf ball or a golf membership. Almost every home got a soccer ball, at least the rubber version for kids.

Still, many of the resort homes choose to be build with golf course not soccer field. This define golf Industries are to target higher spending visitors for now.

Malaysia got sun all year,making it suitable to grow the grass and you can play at almost any month. I’m sure certain countries that have 4 season, you cannot play in winter. In African desert, need a lot of water to maintain the grass.

The drawback is maybe the heat, 30 to 33 degree c on average at noon. But that will not prevent the avid golfer eh? Moreover there are golf club that offers night golfing now.

Some of Malaysia golf course stated as 10 Most Stunning Asian Golf Courses in abc News here. – The Golf Club Datai Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Details info about all golf club at every state in Malaysia is at the TM brochure here.

A golf Promotion Package at A Famosa Golf Resort Melaka

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