January 27, 2023

Shaman & ancestral medicine attraction

Chinese Shaman, pic from subangdailyphoto.

Although in Malaysia, we are spearheading to be a develop country by the year of 2020, still got people that practice shaman. If you visit Malaysia, shaman can be practice at all race. We got Malay Shaman, Chinese Shaman, Indian Shaman. In northern part of Malaysia, Siamese Shaman are very popular.

Now we can even find Shaman doing the ritual not only in remote village but in major city by promoting their service in the tabloid newspaper or website.

I can say that Shaman and Traditional Medicine practitioner can be different, which Malaysia also have many of this Alternative Medicine practitioner.

Malay bomoh paksu pic from AFP.

Shaman or witchdoctor heal the patient with telekinetic and supernatural belief while the traditional medicine practitioner uses herbs in Malaysia tropical rain forest.

As the Islam awareness are now high in the Malay community, there are very few Malay shaman that practice this supernatural ritual. But we can see more Chinese or Indian Shaman in temple or cave that turn into temple around Malaysia. These shaman often used to cure people possessed by demon and spirit. Siam shaman usually made a love potion or giving lucky number for the avid gambler.

Deep in the rain forest of Malaysia, some indigenous tribe practicing shaman but more on their animism belief to the God and Goddess of the Jungle.

So if you want see shaman in action here in Malaysia, just ask the locals and they will lead you the way..

Read about shaman here from AFP and here too.

Oh in some place of the world, they have “Shamans and Apprentice” program where they documented the practice more scientifically like in In the rainforests of southern Suriname here.

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