January 29, 2023

International homestay programs

Exchange student at Seri Tanjung Homestay Masjid Tanah..

Actually homestay is a global phrase. About every nation that promote it’s tourism industry have the element of homestay program. From Canada to United States to Europe..Asia and here at Malaysia we have it too.

All homestay around the world have the basic things in common, – a host families and sharing the locals lifestyle.

There are many international homestay program available out there and now they are having a website and taking it to a more global approach. As a result we will have cultural exchange which a Homestay program can make an important role.

Sometimes the community that participate in the homestay programs are not actually money or business oriented at all. They just love to spread their unique culture or their fantastic natural village. They accept anyone or any races with no political or religious agenda and learn each others.

That’s why International homestay operators usually target College or University Student. They do the cultural exchange in foreign country by living with their host families.

So, by setting a your fully furnished house and rent it by daily rate, you can’t call it a homestay. A homestay is more about a live system.

For a really Malaysian Style of Homestay program, you can always visit the portal here. Go2homesatay is having a homestay photography contest. You should check it out.

Here I found homestay link Internationally like Canada,New York,UKand Japan.


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