January 27, 2023

Save your life with..

Atleast we have the basic one for kid…

A life Jackets…

Why? because I read more of drowned cases everyday in Newspaper. For example one that happen in Sungai Perak here. This month, many places in West coast of Malaysia were experiencing heavy rain that causes flood.

Johore is affected heavily and some place in Melaka. There were also drowned cases because of the flood.

It is sad if we witness people drown and we can’t help, especially in the occasion of family gathering at the sea side or lake for example. Although there is a universal law that every human being can float in the water, better take an extra precaution by keeping a buoyancy aid such as life jacket and others like inflatable tube.

Now it’s time to take to concern that everyone should have the life saving equipment not just the airlines company or the big cruise. At least we can buy a floating pad and put in our car. The floating pad is a spongy plastic like material just cost few dollars. Many drown in cars too these days…

As average joe, we just know only a life jacket, but actually the one we wear when playing a jet ski is not actually a life jacket, its a buoyancy aid / vest or flotation aid. The very good one is one that can inflate. Read here for detail info about live saving jackets…

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