February 6, 2023

Malaysia Garden Tour

A botanical garden in Melaka…

“We talk about Malaysia’s food, shopping and hotels but not its gardens,”

Says who? Says Dr Ng Yen Yen, Tourism Minister that love gardening. You can read special write up about Malaysia as tourist attraction for gardens diversified here.

Malaysia as a gardens? I think when you enter Malaysia from up there, you can see that you are already in a garden. More greener than brick and stone. When you are already on the ground it’s colorful.

Malaysia only have one season, no winter, autumn or summer. Just rain and summer all the year. So it’s evergreen here. Talking about green, Malaysia have about 15,000 species of flower, about 2000 species of trees that produce flower, 200 species if palm, about 1100 species of fern and house of among high price timber in the world..

So if you are seeing pine trees everyday..visit Malaysia!


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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