March 20, 2023

72 Hours hare fare frenzy

Not at Air Asia but Malaysia Airlines System. Since the Introducing of Air Asia, more people here can take a flight for their very first time and after wards. Before this my mom only know MAS and MAS is no cheapo and she doesn’t want to pay for expensive tickets just to go Kota Bahru.

Although she already gone to Mecca with an Arabian flight company, still she think doing a flight locally is a waste of money. Until recently I show the tickets price with Air Asia and bla..bla..bla the time consuming by bus bla..bla and she buy the Air Asia Tickets to Kota Bahru. Still she never on board a Malaysian Airlines System.

But now MAS have tickets figure approximately equivalent to Air Asia. Book now from 21st Jan to 23rd Jan 2011 and you got the price like from MYR99.00 one way to Kota Bahru from KL.

The travel are from 21Feb to 30 Sep 2011, all inclusive. Browse here for details.|media|6


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