September 21, 2023

last-minute flight booking

With the use of Online Booking, save the hassle nowadays and we can plan our future trip.

For business owner, future booking is like a new style of income generation. Long time ago, usually we just buy tickets on the counter, future booking not encouraging back then as we still go to the counter. With online booking, if the consumer cancel it last minute, they already charge the card. Terms & Condition make the day for business owner.

It’s like new tactics lah, you know, like we go into a furniture showroom, don’t bring the money and the card but the tauke said ‘if you don’t buy now 2moro got no promotion already, buy one free Plasma TV’. ‘Don’t worry just place $100 for booking, valid for 3 month maa’

After 3 month you already not in the mood for buying it and no booking refund. Imagine you are not alone….easy money…

So how about last minute you want to book flight ticket online?

Now Air Asia can do, Air Asia said now we are able to book flights online up to 4 HOURS before the scheduled flight departure time.

Maybe we could not get the promotion price, but hey, at least we know which carrier available at last minute before going to the airport….


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