February 6, 2023

Travelling into Danger Zone

Who want to travel into a war zone or the place where an infectious outbreak happen rite?

But accident can happen anywhere. Imagine you are walking in a shopping district at Bangkok and suddenly riot happen…

If we are planning for a family vacation usually the place are safe because we know where for example the resort is and the booking are made by travel agent.

A business trip or a working trip is different. Sometimes we must do a job in danger area like oil and gas job in countries that have civil war. Or you are reporter and have a job at Afghanistan. This job usually high paid and insurance well covered…

What about you are really on a vacation and suddenly emergency does happen? Among the important basic things are:

-Global roaming, make sure you phone can call out or you buy local sim card. Bringing 2 hand phone will be useful…

-Know the emergency call in that particular country. I’m pretty sure it would be vary. 999..911…etc

-Spread you money. Not just put in the same wallet. Bring your Visa card.

-Get help from your embassy if anything that you can’t control happen. Locate the nearest embassy office / phone number.

So what is the fastest way to get cash? You can withdraw from a credit card advance or through Western Union. With western union you moms can send you money within minutes. Just ask the nearest western union agent / banks around the world.

Read useful article about preparing an emergency when traveling here and here.


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