March 25, 2023

Breakfast Globally

What is the most Important meal of the day? Most people globally will said it’s breakfast. Nutritionist said that people who skip breakfast will likely to have problem like concentration and metabolism.

If you travel around the world, usually if you check in at any Hotel, the standard breakfast set we can find is English or American Breakfast that consist of eggs, bacon, sausages, accompanied by toast and tea or coffee. Biscuits, pancakes, waffles, bagels, French toast, English muffins, pastries etc.

Then it will added the local dishes from the nation itself. Like here, Nasi Lemak is the favorite Malaysian Breakfast you can find at all hotels and its can be categorized as heavy breakfast.

Reading about what you will eat for breakfast in the country you will be traveling to is a good Idea because you can comply with your routine diet or you can manage to find other restaurant rather than taking the breakfast at your hotel.

Like we Malaysian sure don’t have problem traveling around Asia like India, China or Indonesia. Why? Because we already use to to eat Cappati, Tandoori, Noodles or Tofu here.

Wikipedia have a comprehensive writing just about Breakfast in every continent in the world here.


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