February 6, 2023

Selera Kampung at Orkid Hotel

If you feel the 5 star treat is a bit expensive for you, you just can walk across the road from Renaissance and just next to the Bayview. It’s Orkid.

This small hotel painted in green and white is easily spotted along the road at Jalan Bendahara before the traffic light and surrounded with 4 and 5 star hotel. So what’s for Ramadhan Buffet special at Orkid Hotel? The Choose Selera Kampung. All time favorite Malaysian Dishes.

The Ramadhan Buffet at Orkid hotel start from 14 Aug to 8 Sept. 2010

So the price are:

Adult : RM35.00 nett
Children : RM25.00 nett

Buy for 10 person you can send another 1 for free dinner. Anything please call 06-2825555

Hotel Orkid Melaka
No. 138, Jalan Bendahara,
75100 Melaka.


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