February 6, 2023

Selera Ramadhan at Zest

Searching for the best package for this fasting month? This is the month where you should spend to dine at local hotel because they got plenty of menu with best price. Furthermore with empty belly and friends, breaking the fast would be great.

We see what Renaissance offer along the fasting month of Ramadhan:

Selera Ramadhan at Zest:

“Alami penemuan baru bersama keluarga dan rakan,nikmati hidangan makanan laut, juadah tradisional dan antarabangsa termasuk Udang Karang, Ketam Berlada Hitam, Kambing Panggang Kurzi, Ikan Bakar, Asam Pedas, Ayam Percik, Daging Panggang, Rendang, Satay dan lain-lain di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia bersama persembahan Ghazal untuk Hiburan Mesra”


Tempahan Awal: nikmati 20% diskaun bila berbuka dari 11 Ogos hingga 17 Ogos 2010.
Jualan Baucar: RM375++ (5+1 baucar) untuk pembelian sebelum 8 Ogos 2010.

Call Zest AT : 06-284 8888, ext: 8521.

I think I will make a category for Ramadhan buffet package. We got Launching Ceremony for state level Ramadhan buffet dinner package after the State Assembly and many of the Hotels in Melaka are participating.

I’ll keep you posted for the package…


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