September 21, 2023

Malaysia’s 53 years of nationhood promo – RM53 to selected destinations from Kuala Lumpur

What Airlines companies do you think can do such a promotion? Yes I know what do you thinking, it’s Air Asia.

They Quote that:

“The “Malaysia’s Favourite Airline” campaign echoes our commitment in offering low fares to the rakyat. It also demonstrates our appreciation and gratitude to our guests for being loyal to us throughout these 9 years. AirAsia has empowered Malaysians to fly and in fact we have flown 15.23 million passengers alone last year is testament that we are indeed the preferred choice amongst Malaysians,” said Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial, AirAsia.

The news here.

Booking Period ,26 July 2010 – 1 August 2010 and Travel Period from 9 August 2010 – 15 November 2010.

So start go online now at Malaysia’s favorite airline here.


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