January 29, 2023

Melaka Old fire Engine Truck

Imagine this one small truck is used on fire extinguisher operation before world war 2 until 1974.

This fire engine truck started its service in 1939, under control of Chief Police Officer of Malacca. In 1942, the British brought along this fire engine to Singapore but was transferred back to Malacca by the Japanese. After 2nd world war, this vehicle was placed under the control of Malacca municipal council.

This fire engine took part in many operations such as at Lereh, Tanjung Kling, Lee Rubber Godown in Bacang and at Banda Kaba Street.

It ended its service in 1974.

You can have a look at the truck at Stadhuys Museum complex.


Maker : Dennis Turbeni, England
Year of acquisition : 1939
Year of manufacture : 1937
Engine number : 80115
Registration number : M756
Engine capacity : 2480 c.c
Weight : 6 tone.


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