January 27, 2023

Vote for New World’s 7 Wonders

Guess you all already know that our Sipadan Island did not make it to the final.

The 28 finalists are: The Amazon, Angel Falls, Bay of Fundy, Black Forest, Bu Tinah Shoals, Cliffs of Moher, Dead Sea, El Yunque, Galapagos, Grand Canyon, Breat Barrier Reef, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeita Grotto, Jeju Island, Kilimanjaro, Komodo Park, the Maldives, Masurian Lake District, Matterhorn/Cervino, Milford Sound, Mud Volcanoes, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Sundarbans, Table Mountain, Uluru, Vesuvius and Yushan.

You scratch my back I scratch yours…

So an organization called BIMP-EAGA (The Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-the Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area) agreed to support Puerto Princesa Underground River Philipines and Komodo National Park Indonesia as their favorite to to be among the world’s new Seven Wonders of Nature.

The support is also a gesture of strong partnership within the BIMP-EAGA region in strengthening cooperation for the development of tourism.

Read the press statement here.

So now Sipadan is out, what’s you call? Vote here.


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