September 21, 2023

How to make money on Tourism

A Trishaw rider can earn good income in peak times…

Doing business in tourism industry means direct to the consumer activities. It’s all about consumer experience and feelings. So in tourism business, a good personalities with lot of smiles does help.

Tourism business is a big industry and the chain will affect from an individual, retail, wholesale, large companies to the nation itself. When the the country are politically stable, strong solidarity and bless with good mother nature, naturally tourist will start to flock in. Domestically and Internationally. Malaysia is one of the lucky country and we can start a tourism business even right now.

Tourist will usually spend on:

Flight tickets, public transportation ticket, accommodation, meals, shopping, entertainment, rental, and other services.

Let say you live on Melaka, state that heavily rely on Tourism, you can start doing business related to tourism at home.

1)Home Biz :

Being an Internet Agent.
-Setup a blog. Register for an affiliate program that give you free access to their booking system like Agoda. List all the hotel and accommodation in Melaka that available in Agoda. Write extensively about every hotel in agoda at your blog. Few pic and recommendation. Put the agoda booking system or link. Agoda can give you Highest commission up to 60%.

Being a Local Expert.
-If you have live long enough at your village and know every aspect of the area, you can team up with local guesthouse or homestay owner to do a trekking or visit to a specific area in the village that must use your expert. Put it in the homestay package. The tourist pay to the homestay and the homestay will pay to you.

-Life at the road side where tourist always passing thru? You can start a bicycle renting. At the beach you can provide floating equipment or binocular…boat ride, etc.

Service Expert.
-Let say you have a certain skill of healing inherit from your ancestor, you can advertise it and tourist come by making an appointment. Or you can joint with other tourism product operator and attached with them.

2) By Making use of the Data.
-Tourist arrival, receipts, country data are also useful to start a very specific business. Let say we see many Indian tourist come and the number increasing steadily. Maybe we can promote more on modern vegetarian food restaurant for example.

3) Starting A real Business that must have a licenses.
-You can always browse the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia website for License Guidelines. The license guidelines and from Tourism Ministry website are:

1) Setting up Travel Agency
2) Registered Tourist Guide
3) Excursion Buses and Hire drive car
4) Tourism Training Institute
5) Tourism Accredited Shop

Tourism Accredited shop is new features from Tourism Malaysia. You should read the guideline and if you have a shop you can get accredited as a Tourism Shop. Can be a good appearance for promotion.

Tourism is everyone’s business

Everyone gains from properly managed tourism. These benefits can be especially significant in regional areas by diversifying the area’s economic base and expanding the employment market.

Read more about this interesting article here.


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3 thoughts on “How to make money on Tourism

  1. I am interested to set up a niche touristic business in Melaka. I have been to Melaka for the last 15 years as a visitor, as I have a unit in Mahkota Hotel. How can I discuss with you on my ideas? regards

  2. I’m full of activities in October, well maybe you can email me first so I can relate your ideas to related agencies in the state so you can make an appointment if you want to…

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