January 31, 2023

Celeb choosen Vacation places…

Angelina Jolie…

As we speak, celeb here means some one from the Hollywood. Apart from the world leader, the Sultans and the Manchester United players, if Brad Pitt wants to sleep for one night at one of our local homestay, it will create a chaos with reporter and bloggers everywhere. The kind of tourist with bodyguard and traffic riders.

Celebrity like this will make a boost to the visibility of the places. A free highlights from news and blog around the world. These days everyone can produce a products but at the end a good marketing that counts.

Have any of celebrity visiting your place recently or in the past 10 years? Angelina Jolie have been visiting few places in Africa like Darfur. Is Darfur a good places for holiday? Angelina Jolie visiting Darfur under UNCHR flag.

Well, from what we can look at the trend, celebrities like to visit places that are not spoiled by heavy development / secluded like St. Bart in Caribbean. They come there by yacht.

A place that rich with nature, safe and the celebrities come to the place as a regular playground like Aspen in Colorado. They skiing at the slopes.

Or a place that all have the same class and celebrities walk freely at the sidewalks like in Cannes France.

So the conclusion is we should protect the nature as it is and start producing quality local brands….

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