January 29, 2023

Value for Money

Usually people will like cheap and bargain item. But some how when something that come very cheap, we also will look into how the things work for us in term of reliability. We don’t want to use something very cheap but giving us a big problem, thus incurred more cost in the future. Means we are seeking the value for money that we spend.

That happen to Malaysia Airline System, although it is an Economy Class flight, the Staff Service excellence is World Class. So, they wins World’s Best Economy Class Award.

MAS Wins World’s Best Economy Class Award
KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 (Bernama) — Malaysia Airlines (MAS) won two awards — World’s Best Economy Class and Staff Service Excellence — at the 2010 World Airline Awards in Hamburg, Germany, last Thursday, it was announced here today.

The World Airline Awards is based on the World Airline Survey by Skytrax of more than 40 airlines from around the world, and the winners were selected by some 18 million air travellers from 100 different nationalities in a 10-month survey between July last year and April this year, said a MAS statement.

The statement quoted Skytrax chairman Edward Plaisted as saying that the World’s Best Economy Class award won by MAS reflected the quality of product and service delivered to its customers.

More about the news here.


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