January 29, 2023

Miss Tourism Intercontinental pageant 2010 at Miri

Remember Miss Tourism was here few years ago? Hope the contestant are successful in their carrier and continue to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination. There is another Miss Tourism Pageant in Malaysia that is The Miss Tourism Intercontinental, based at Sarawak to boost Sawarak as tourist destination. By having an International Miss Tourism Pageant, it will involve media and sponsor that will highlight the host state to the masses.

Read The news about Miss Tourism Intercontinental pageant 2010 at Miri:

Model from Macau wins subsidiary title at Miss Tourism Intercontinental pageant

May 18, 2010, Tuesday

MIRI: Model Fan Ting Ting representing Macau in Miss Tourism Intercontinental won the subsidiary title ‘Miss Goodwill/ Miss Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club’ on Sunday night.

CONGRATULATIONS: Law (second right) puts on the sash on Fan who won the ‘Miss Goodwill/Miss Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club’ title witnessed by Lai (right) and Soh (left).

She captivated the judges not only with her catwalk and beauty but also her graceful and entertaining rendition of a Chinese traditional dance in the talent show to grant her the title in the Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2010 Charity Preview Show cum Gala Dinner.

Read the news here.


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