September 21, 2023

Another Sprint Race this 29th May

It’s a hard cash for enthusiast. The 2nd series of Melaka Sprint Race is back. 29th May. Same Place at the Eye on Malaysia straight road. New revised category that are:

– Class A ( 2WD Open OTR)
– Class B (2WD Turbo Open OTR)
– Class C (VTEC/ MIVEC Open OTR)
– Class D (1.8 NA OTR)
– Class E (1.5 NA OTR)

Winners get cash prize from RM800 to RM150 (fourth place). Hope all the crowd can really take care of their safety since the road is not originally a race track. Please stand behind the barricade. Remember also don’t park your car blocking others or at the housing compound. The traffic can issue summons for this act.

Get your car ready!

Turbo: Real-World High-Performance Turbocharger Systems (S-A Design)


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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