June 5, 2023

A Wholesale Travel Agent

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In travel agency business there are also a retail travel agents and a wholesaler. I can’t figure it out too until recently a travel agent came and talk about it. As the industries main header is ‘Agents’ we can’t easily understand how these travel agents making their profit. By commission from various tourism products such as hotel bookings, car rental, tourism products tickets and service fee.

Sometime we think that we can get a cheap price by booking directly to the hotel for example, but actually the market price will be the same. Whether you book through the agents or the hotel. Hotel price also will not be static. It will get higher on last minutes booking, walk in or peak season. Travel agent will not simply mark up the existing price. Travel agents get a special rate like a discounted normal rate. So they can give it to the customers full market price or lower their profit margin by giving lower than the market price.

Okay..back to the wholesale travel agent topics, we usually deal with a retail travel agents at our place. Somehow, for a travel packages to foreign destination sells by local travel agents may come from a wholesale travel agency. Wholesale travel agents sell tour package in a bulk to local travel agents and they sell it at a retail price.

Why the local travel agent need the wholesale packages from these wholesales agents?

Wholesale travel agents are usually large companies that have many office and ground operators through out the world, which local or individual travel agencies can’t afford to have. So they make a package on various interesting places and destination around the world. Sell it to retail travel agency and they can have many option of outbound travel packages.

While anInternet base agents give a new picture of travel booking and budget travel. I also can’t really defined it as a wholesaler or retailer. But they really have comprehensive online database of hotels rate, flight and travel packages. So despite of selling packages to retail travel agents, they also directly building a real time online system, still link with their network of retail travel agencies through a portal.

As a result, customers, just sitting in front of a computer can see all the outbound packages and hotel bookings around the world in one portal. All arrange by the wholesaler one stop center then divert it to ground operators and travel agency in their network.

Try visit this wholesale travel website and this number one hotel booking website asiaroom to get a clear picture…

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  1. is asiaroom the #1 ?? never heard before though…

    i always make my hotel room booking with agoda because they guarantee and secure my room ^^

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