February 7, 2023

Japanese Student learn the Melaka way….

The group posing for a photo in front of a traditional Malay house – The Star.

Among the famous place for foreign student doing cultural exchange and live with foster family is at Merlimau Melaka. This is because village around Merlimau area provide near complete package of life in the Melaka village. It has 100 years old house that have been gazetted as a Heritage Area, paddy field, local sea fisherman / fishery area, local food industry that still use back of the house for operation and a glimpse of Melaka Sultanate History. At Pulai, Merlimau also among Melaka homestay participant.

Read the article below about Japanese Student at Melaka Homestay..:

Thursday April 15, 2010
Japanese students learn Malay and culture during homestay programme
Story and photos by CINDY TAN

MALACCA: It was a chance of a lifetime for some 30 students from Japan’s Hippo Family Club to learn first-hand the Malay language and culture through a homestay programme at a Malay village in Merlimau recently.

The students, comprising boys and girls between 10 and 16 years old, were selected from all over Japan to visit Malaysia with 120-year-old SK Sebatu playing host during their week-long stay.

Teacher Nishizawa Michiko, 54, said the club was set up to encourage young Japanese to learn foreign languages in a more natural environment rather than through classroom lessons.

“Homestay programmes are an effective way for students to learn a new language because it allows them to practise the foreign language while staying with their host families,” she said when met at the ceremony to introduce the children to their foster families here recently.

She added that club members would pick up more than one foreign language on such field trips.

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