January 27, 2023

Trip to Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park

An open concept zoo…

Last Thursday I was following the official Melaka Zoo trip to Singapore. The objectives are to learn how the Zoo in Singapore operate as a successful business entity. We all depart for Singapore by a Bus. Arrived at Jurong Bird Park first and then proceed to the zoo. Have some refreshment at the Bongo Burger.

The Singapore is professionally manage and focus to make the area as near to the Rain Forest experience. Although the animals there are not many in term of population like the Melaka Zoo,Singapore Zoo has wide variety of Species. How they present the animal for visitors are also in different perspectives, Singapore Zoo is an open concept zoo.

For me it is the best Zoo, both for the recreational and educational. The open concept making unrestricted viewing to the wild life so captivating. Most of the Animal are active and without cage making the trip to visit the wild life are worthy because of clear view and the animal not happen to be hiding.

Singapore Zoo also house very endangered species like the Beautiful blue eyed White Tiger, Polar Bears, Pygmy Hippos and dugong. Singapore Zoo is not always about the animals, it’s about the activities and education. Kids will love this place as the zoo got special hands on learning with it’s behind the scene tours. A water playground inside the zoo surrounded with curious creatures will make them want to come again…

Overall it was a very informative trip and I will definitely want to come again personally.

They have penguin too!

Its a bird…

Thematic approach for a rubbish bin…

Because the trip is short we are riding the tram

Kidz zone…


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