September 21, 2023

“Barrack Stay” in Port Dickson Army Camp

Barrack who? Not Barrack Obama but an Army Barrack at Port Dickson. Recently Defense Minister announce that the government will promote an army style stay at the former Port Dickson Army camp. I say this is a really niche market in the region to tap into. No other individual can do this other that the Government itself. By bringing the experience as a Military Personal to the public, I think there are many army wannabe out there that are dreaming to be an army since childhood. So this kind of Army Tourism packages can satisfied their long awaited dream.

So what are you dreaming to do if you can be at an Army camp ? Using a M16 or Drive a T72 Tank – Yes it can be done because the concept is like renting guns and armored cars for the public. Live in the nearby jungle with a survival kit and eating phyton – Maybe not. Actually the Idea have long been practices in Country such as Ukraine. In Ukraine, you can go to the military camp and rent weapon of mass destruction like these:

Type Price (USD)
2 flight on L-39 – 2000.00
Su-27UB – 11000.00
MiG-29UB – 9500.00
MI-8 (12 persons per hour) – 2000.00

Yes, you can fly military-type fighters and gunships. There is a cheaper option, for $8 you get to feel the burst of a Kalashnikov and for $180 you can fire a grenade launcher. Cool huh? Thousand of military fans out there now can turn
their military skills learn from years of reading the Military magazines into reality. Read some of the tourist reaction when using the military vehicle:

“It was great! I had never driven even a car, but today I drove a tank!” she said, emerging from the turret of the 1,200-horsepower monster.

You can get the info and prices about the Ukrainian Military tourism here, here and here.

Also read the original article about the Barrack stay in PD by Bernama.

“Barrack Stay” In PD Army Camp To Attract Tourists
SEREMBAN, 29 Mac (Bernama) — “Barrack Stay” or army style stay at the former Port Dickson army camp has become the latest attraction to draw tourists to the ‘Army Town’ of Port Dickson.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said staying at the army camp was among three elements promoted by the army town of Port Dickson to attract a niche market of tourists, including those from overseas.

“We have not reached a stage to allow tourists to go through a army style shooting experience like that practiced in some countries but we have started the first step towards introducing an army style stay,” he told reporters after a development committee meeting with Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan Monday.

The concept of renting guns and armoured cars for the public, introduced by countries like Vietnam and Ukraine, would be in cooperated in the “Barrack Stay” package soon.

He added that the Armed Forces museum in Port Dickson would be restored while a “boulevard” extended from the camp to the beach front.

We want to see the army town in Port Dickson to become as popular as the West Point Academy in the United States, he said.



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