March 25, 2023

Don’t be a Travel Scam Victim

Street Scam is another thing to think off while traveling…-Travel Advisory! How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling

Travel & Tourism area are always the target of the Scam syndicate. They use many type of offers to lure your deposit into their hidden price travel package. Breathtaking travel bargains always will be interesting into your eyes. Some calling you stating from certain hotel offering like a discount card. A credit card pre-payment is a must. So when the thing just a bit confusing to you just ignore the call. Why we want to get ourselves into a tie up with a annual discount card because you don’t know what happen in the future. When traveling, you also don’t want to be at the same hotel always.

I just ignored all call that offer me anything because first, they are violating my privacy (How do they get our number and our Names!). Second every transaction must be written. Don’t Just let them swipe your credit card. Before paying anything, ask them to email or fax to you the Itinerary and quotation. With these printed documents, you compare it with others travel package. Also you can call directly to the company to make sure the phone number is usable. Usually the telemarketing calling from private numbers that you can’t call them back.

The key is be patient and not just excited with cheap price that needed to be confirm now or never. It to good to be true. Triple your suspicion level if you must pay immediately for a departure date at least 60 days in the future, because that’s the time limit for disputing credit card charges at many banks.

Below is News about Scam Victim from NST Online:


Travel scam victims ticked off

GEORGE TOWN: Nine holidaymakers who were duped of RM46,400 for a Japan tour were ticked off by the state Consumer Claims Tribunal for being negligent.
Tribunal president Mahidran Md Tsa admonished the claimants for not verifying the identity of a woman agent who coaxed them to bank in money into a company account.

She added the claimants were negligent as they failed to ascertain if the agent was authorised to act on behalf of the company.

The claimants sensed something amiss after they did not get their air tickets two days prior their departure date on March 25 last year.

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