September 21, 2023

Shopping with out a list

You can’t go to fitting room in online shopping..

Yesterday I’m going out to one of the hypermarket to buy milk for the children. The milk only around $30.. but I end up spending about $300. Instead of buying just milk when I’m on my way to the exit entrance, I accidentally saw a new boutique and have a look. As a result I’m buying 3 type of clothing (design) and 2 scarf. And I’m happy with it. That is what happen when you go shopping without a list but with extra cash or credit card. If you bring along the list also, as a women you can’t resist the temptation of buying other than the list because:

1) You shop at a shopping mall, not a specific shop selling fruit only,
2) You not bringing along the exact amount of money to buy just the necessary thing and not leaving the credit card at home.

Well, although now is the Internet Era, and many people start shopping online, shopping or window shopping in real physical boutique is not the same as virtual boutique. I think many people still like to go out in weekend visit some of the famous store with family and friends. It’s life. As a human, we must see, talk, feel, walk , snap few pictures and going home with lot of happy moments.

Happy Moment..

Spending also will help to boost the economy . Depending in what industry you are working for, too penny-pinching some times will also be stressful. Work hard to earn and then spend it for yourself is like a rewarding time and it will make you happy. For your info, here are 7 Shopping Tips to Save Money AND Time. But if you experience in some day there are to many sales offer and you can’t control yourself, remember this film:

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Two-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy) (2009)


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