February 6, 2023

Bukit Serindit Motel

motel bukit serindit

Seldom we talk about Motel here in Melaka. Actually there are few motels and one of them is Bukit Serindit Motel. Owned by Melaka Historic City Council, the motel have 4 types of room that are Single, Family, Triple Sharing and a Dorm. Before we go through the Bukit Serindit Motel, lets discuss about Motel 101.

What actually a Motel? Why we don’t just call them a budget hotel? By reading few article from the net, I can tell that major features of a motel will be mainly about the building design. A motel, usually far away from the city and at the roadside. The building structure will not be like a hotel that have one tall building. Motel most likely just 2 floor and the building shape are U or Square.

A motel don’t have the environment as like the Hotel lobby. When you go to a motel you got to go to the registration office and you room will be outside facing the parking lot. So you can park just in front of your room. The best thing about this is you can feel safe about your car outside. So between your room the the cafeteria or front office, you must walk outside using the path or a trek.

Okay now how do we go to this Bukit Serindit Motel? I say we start from Al-Azim Mosque a.k.a the State Mosque / Great Mosque. Because the landmark is easily spotted and everyone will no where it is if you ask. From the Al-Azim mosque, headed south of the AMJ Highway where you will past a Keluargaku shopping complex and Straits Meridian Hotel. Just head strait until you stop at the first four junction traffic light. When the light is green, go right and now you are at Taman Bandaran Road. Go straight and the road to the Motel will be on you right. Look right until you find Jalan Bukit Serindit and its there.

The price are reasonable:

DORM :RM140.00

For more picture and to reserved the motel online please go to here.

Motel Bukit Serindit Melaka:
Jalan Bukit Serindit, 75150 Bukit Serindit, MELAKA.

Tel: +606-2817388 Faks: +606-2837388


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3 thoughts on “Bukit Serindit Motel

  1. thanks for recommending this motel. when to melaka last week with 7 adult 3 children. the room is huge can fit 5 adult maybe. i’ve been told it was a local council quarters before renovated to the motel. i have the gps coordinat and will post it later. so travellers i recommending this place to stay in melaka.

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