January 31, 2023

When Pig Sneeze

Now you might experience a bit long ques at all airport around the world. They begin screening all passenger from abroad especially from the swine flu origin country – Mexico. Just slight addition in your body heat, you will be quarantine and can’t go anywhere within the airport. The airport will be like one nation main face mask. Only cleans get the way. The gadget used to screening passenger are added more , much more then previous screening measures to screen the Al-Qaeda suspects.

Swine flu if want to compare with tough virus here in Malaysia maybe like the Dengue virus. But when the infected people (swine flu) are rising but the death total is still low, looks like Dengue virus here is more deadlier. The problem is this virus can spread easy and fast unlike Dengue virus that can only spread by the Aedes Mosquito. And for instance I’m imagining the Andromeda Strain tv series.

There are few reaction about tourist arrival effect because of this pandemic. Of course answers from people in Tourism Industry like travel agents and hotelier will be moderate and calming. They must remain optimist to sustain the Industry. Some say that Tourist will likely to divert on Asian country. My opinion is tourist will likely just sit at home and wait for the updated news.When everything is under control they will travel back like normal. People travel to places for a reason and will not switch places just like that. Now the H1N1 is already arrived in Asia, to date Hong & China.

Because it is just a ‘Flu’ safety measure to protect our body from it is just normal hygiene practice. Just added nose/mouth cover / mask. Now the safest place is at home and domestic travel will be bullish for few month. All you want to know about H1N1 and safety measures here. Poll about swine flu at guardian.


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