September 21, 2023

Bungalow for retreat now at Mystery Island…

Made out of wood…

Remember the Mysterious great Island? Local said that there will never be a successful project in the Island because the ‘Things’ guard the Island… But that is another folklore story you will find in every part of the world. Now a local company is offering unique bungalow for those who want to get out from city hustle and bustle but not so far from town. Project Yield bungalow at Pulau Besar Melaka is a suitable place.

The bungalow is made from 100% wood and it’s a double storey. Fully air cond but you will find the rood temperature is just nice because the wind from forest at the Island center. All wooden structure making the air around so comfortable to relax. It is fully furnished and you can cooked and served the food and the dining table. Bungalow have 3 to 4 room. Not to far from the jetty and just at the shoreline. If you are getting special boat, you can drop at in front of you bungalow. Night will be bright as all the bungalow are facing the land which is not to far away. We can see Melaka city glimmering with lights. The compound is suitable for barbecue and campfire.

This place will arouse your appetite…

Well they are not fully operational yet but some of the bungalow are ready to live. Just call the Project Manager Mr. Harun at 0166588241. Suitable for families or corporate discussion / meetings. Just don’t walk alone too deep in the bushes at night…hahah.

One of the Pulau Besar Bungalow…

Large private space suitable for beach volley,barbecue,campfire and outdoor games..


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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18 thoughts on “Bungalow for retreat now at Mystery Island…

  1. Hi Asmaliana,It has been some time since I last wrote. This latest posting of yours made interesting reading.
    For a very long time I have always harboured the thought that Pulau Besar has great potential. It seems
    slowly but surely this is being recognised both by the Government and develpers. Now that bungalows are
    being built for holiday makers it is a good starting point. There used to be a resort of some kind with a
    golf course. Unfortunately that project failed. There are thus questions to be asked ! Why ? Too expensive ?
    Too inconvenient to get there ? Poor maintenance and upkeep ? Bad security ? Inexperienced hoard running
    the place ? Lack of publicity ? Well, for whatever reason(s), maybe this time around, there should be more
    care taken to ensure success. From your description with the city lights of Malacca twinkling some way off-
    shore will truly make for a beautiful backdrop. Malacca has potential but the people running it must be hands
    in every aspect .

  2. Hi Dr,

    For some one who reside at other country, you really have a good memory about Melaka especially the development at Pulau Besar. Yes it’s true there is a beautiful abandoned Resort with golf course. The resort although abandoned, from my observation the architecture is unique with European and Portugal influence. Some sort like a Marina. The landscape make you feel like not at Pulau Besar Itself. I think the building was develop and finished since I was teenagers. I don’t have many infos about why the project was abandoned but it look like it is still well maintained (like private property). Yeah maybe all your question is the reason… we don’t know because it is private funding. But now the Government has started few new project to develop this ‘Abandoned’ Island…

  3. Hi again !
    It seems like Malacca,in spite of all her progress is actually littered with a fair amount
    of abandoned (read “failed”) projects around the city ! In the north (from Klebang) down to the

    city right to the south towards Pulau Besar one sees uncompleted structures posing as eyesores
    to the ever increasing influx of tourists to this lovely and quaint place. Maybe the Malacca
    government should take over these projects after giving the relevant developers a grace period
    to complete them. Some had been sullying the rather pleasant landscape for well over a decade !
    Back to the subject of P. Besar, I heard that a few big pojects are being earmarked there viz:
    1) a deep- water port with oil-refuelling and storage to be built
    2) a causeway connecting the isle to the mainland
    3) restoration of the “abandoned” holiday resort.
    How are they going ? Has work been started on them or are they still at the “planning” stages?
    I was just wondering,if P. Besar and surrounding islets were to be turned into a tourist area, will
    pork be still a taboo ?! Reckon it will be a hassle to inform all the arrivals to refrain
    from consuming pork 24 hours before landing !!
    Lastly, will it be possible for you to post an information sheet on the bungalows on the island re
    cost for renting per home, facilities available, transportation costs, food availabilty ect? It will
    be useful for potential vacationers.
    Thanks for allowing me time and space to air my two-cents worth of blah-blah !!

  4. Assalamualikum Asmaliana. I’ve tried to call the number given from S’pore but it was not “In Used”. Can you please provide another valid number or e-mail address. Syukran.

  5. hi, how much is the price if i wana rent it for 2 days 1 nite? and how many peoples can fit in..
    thank you and i need to know it urgently..

  6. Just had 2nites stay at Tropika Selesa (06-29558899/06-2938753 Fax:06-2952597)with my hubby. Speed boat (fm Jetty Anjung Batu)costs RM100 to/fro while ferry (Jetty Umbai) costs RM14 to/fro. Chalet rate @ RM90-130; fan,aircon,water heater & water boiler kettle. Generator power off 12:00-5:30 daily except Sat. Bring extra food as shops close @ 5-7pm (depending on crowd). Camping tents avail for hire.Most unique, unspoilt legendary island ever visited in M’sia. Many visitors (Indian Muslim descent)are on short pilgrimage & usually camp or stay at the wakaf area. Hope Pulau Besar will remain unspoilt & not be over developed. Hope Tourism Melaka will provide more info in the website & brochures.

  7. dear asmaliana,

    the contact that you given above (Mr. Harun at 60136232184) is not operating.. do you have any other contact?? i’m urgent… thanks ya! 🙂

  8. boleh saya tahu berapa harga bungalow untuk 2 mlam dan bagaimna. minta jasa baik jika ada guide utk bawa berjalan sekliling pulau besar. ingin membawa ayah, ibu, adik-beradik

  9. ingat nak buat hari keluarga kat situ ok tak untuk 30 pax.

    ada apa-apa cadangan untuk tempat tinggal, makanan dan kos. Kalau ada kontek no tel. lagi bagus. Wassalam

  10. contact me for group package
    3d2n = 280rm per person [NORA GEM] MIN 40 PEOPLE..0104317148 ATAU 0126699298


  11. contact me for group package
    3d2n = 280rm per person [NORA GEM TRAVEL] MIN 40 PEOPLE..0104317148 ATAU 0126699298


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