March 20, 2023

A nite in the museum

If luck is on you maybe you could bumped into Alfonso d Albuquerque…

Sleep over at the museum is not new in the tourism industry. Many country that have historical building have created a package for visitors to spend night at the museum. This is like an educational activities and people especially student / kids can lean more about history. The important part is this kind of activities will create psychological effect like the museum is haunted or dream about pirates. Sleeping with friends in a place like 200 years old building sure will make the environment more happenings and the sleep will go to number 10 or you might not sleep at all . One example of famous museum with a sleepover package is the American Museum of Natural History. They have night activities just with flash light going through the museum that are full with preserved wild animal and dinosaurs.

us museum sleepover

Now Melaka have the first sleepover at the museum called Heritage Sleepover @ The Museum. This Sleepover package is jointly organized by Naza Hotel Melaka and Melaka Museum Corporation (Perzim). Sleepover package operates with a minimum of 20 people and maximum of 40 people. For now the selected museum is Maritime Musuem that is the Replica of Flor de La Mar. The rate started from RM95.00 nett per person*.

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Standard Itinerary will be check in at Naza hotel, pre buffet dinner, briefing by the guide, ride on the river cruise, river walk, supper and sleepover activity. For more info about this Museum sleepover or booking please contact:

Naza Hotel Melaka,
177,Jalan Tun Ali,
75300 Melaka.

Tel: 062882288
Fax: 062882289

Visit their slide show here. At for night walkers …please tie your self first before you end up at Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Complex early in the morning of worst in the Melaka River Bank…


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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7 thoughts on “A nite in the museum

  1. Emm…nite museum. Interesting pakage but definately it’s scary. But I think for those who
    love adventures and new experiences, they should try this package.

  2. I want to know more information about ”sleepover@the museum”at malacca..
    I am a teacher from SMK Karak,Pahang .
    Our school chinese society decide to organise a trip to Malacca. I want to bring off my students for staying a night at museum..
    i have 40 students and 4 teacher wanna going to stay a night at.. your museum…
    at school holidays ,agust of 2009…
    got any special price for us ??
    hope u can reply me as soon as posible…

  3. i’m a student from SMJK Choong Hua Bidor, Perak. Our school Kelab Rekreasi decide to go here at august school holiday. ours is same with mrs young. 44 person including 4 teachers. can u please send further information to me? are the price per pax is fixed? hope u can reply me sooner…

  4. oh..Mr Abu Hassan just told me that the package B price will increase to RM145 per person….so sad…can’t anyone do something to stop it!?? We are going in march 2011, we wish to get the original price…increased …we can’t afford oh….so sad…pls help

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