January 27, 2023

Babies in Car…Safety First!

Baby Rayn like to seat at the lap…

When traveling for a short trip with car, you can’t resist to bring the baby along because of the fun part playing with the babies while your partner is driving. Usually people will use the baby buckle seat only when driving alone. With the husband or partner driving, putting babies on the lap will be the option. Now Malaysian government have already imposing the back seat belt regulation with a $300 summons, they are now eying new strict regulation for baby safety in car.

In some country, there are already a law that requires all children under age six or weighing less than sixty pounds to be placed in a federally approved child restraint system when riding in the car. If you still hold your baby in the lap while riding in a car even for a short ride, the police will issue a tickets. At California, children must ride in the back seat until they are at least 6 years old or weigh about 27kg.

Did you know that a sudden stop even at 30miles per hour can have the same crushing force on the child’s brain and body as a fall from 3 story building. Infant is more sensitive even a vibration impact from an accidents can harm the internal organ specially the brain. Other car accident main injuries for children are like brain damage,epilepsy and spinal cord injury.

Even using baby car seat also have specific requirements like:

#Always use the correct car seat for the age, weight and height of your child. A car seat with a 3 or 5 point harness is recommended by safety experts. (5 point harness is safest.) Do not use infant carriers, travel beds, backpacks carriers, etc. in place of a car seat.

#Infants less than one year and less than 20 pounds must be placed in a rear facing car seat. Most infant carrier style car seats can only be used until 20 pounds. After that, use a convertible car seat still rear facing. Make sure that the car seat is rated to at least 30 pounds rear facing.

Read here for more about Infant Safety: Preventing Accidents.


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One thought on “Babies in Car…Safety First!

  1. There’s a lot of hue and cry from people about using the rear seat belt. I guess this is typical coming from people who think nothing of riding a motorcycle with 3 or more passengers (with or without the use of safety helmet). 🙁
    I guess we Malaysians still needs to learn about the importance of road safety as opposed to self convenience.

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