February 7, 2023

A Taboo you should think when travel abroad – Not Malaysia

You will not hope this kind of thing happen in the middle of a vacation…

Usually a country where tourism will be their important source of nation GDP, people will appreciate it and welcome all tourist that come to their country with open hand. Here in Melaka, we do various of tourist friendly campaign to educate the community about hospitality. Tourism players like hotelier, taxi driver, beca (trishaw) owner and small businesses are advice to be nice with tourist and don’t overcharged for their service. The newest campaign was the smile campaign. Tourism Malaysia also doing serious effort on promoting Malaysian Hospitality and making foreigners feel Malaysia is the prefect place for a 2nd home.

You will not find poor kid or beggar following you everywhere in Malaysia, beggar in this country will be caught by the city council and send to Welfare Department. While Malaysia is a Islamic country, you will find that the environment here are very peace and open. You will not be caught when kissing or holdings hand men and women as long you are not Muslim and tourist. Just don’t make extra explicit act in the public, just be rational and everything will be okay. If you find Singapore is a fine country in the world, they are not lenient to you event who ever you are. In Singapore you will be fine for event simple thing like Littering, chewing gum, jaywalking, and leaving the toilet unflashed. They have CCTV everywhere. Now you know why the public toilet in Malaysia is not that clean and Singaporeans like to speed here hahaha.

The important thing is there is no extremist here, It’s hard to find a riot in Malaysia even all the neighboring countries are burning U.S flag or hanging boots at Bush dummy face. But do you know that certain counties have their own taboo and you must follow the rule to avoid any problem? For example:-

-Showing Affection in Dubai : People the will not be easy on you
-Vandalizing in Singapore : As I said, their government will treat you as the locals.
-Disparaging Royalty in Thailand : You will be send to jail for 75 years.

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