December 5, 2022

Terrorism affect Tourism…

Global scenarios that affect tourist arrival in Malaysia..

There is a new trend now that Terrorist tend to strike on famous tourism places. Latest is at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai India. We know that terrorism is the most big threat to the industry since 9/11 tragedy. Before that, among famous Island in the world, Bali has been bombed by terrorist. Now every continent have their own terrorist threat from America to Africa, up to the Arab country, India and South East Asia region.

At South East where Malaysia is located, it’s neighbored to the Bali Bombing country Indonesia and Thailand with it’s Southern Militant massacre that kills many civilians just cross the Malaysian border at the north. That make only Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei till now free from any terrorist attack or activities. As neighboring country facing problem like terrorism & internal war, we also feel worried that Global tourist might feel that the whole area is unsafe for them. As now the terrorist targeted tourist destination like hotel and public restaurant, surely you don’t want situation like extra caution when sleeping at hotel or not eating at famous restaurant fear to be blown up or being shoot blindly.

In certain country like Thailand, Bali and Egypt, tourist arrival are vital to their economic growth. This is because the service industry in that particular country are invested heavily. They have many resort at island, coastal area, transportation service and other hospitality industry. This bring many jobs opportunity to the people. They work at the resort, as taxi driver, as a crew in luxury cruise, massage parlor and restaurant. Places such as Thailand,Bali and Egypt for example, are attracting global top spenders such as United States Tourist and from many European country. We know that this country have big buying power with their strong currency. The locals will enjoy the opportunity as the big spenders think that things in that particular places are very cheap and they can get many things.

International tourism top spenders..

So when terror, war or disaster attacks, tourist arrival will decline and of course the impact on economy that rely in this industry are high. As one economic terms ‘One person’s spending has become another person’s income’. Maybe one of the cause that terrorist don’t reside in country such as Malaysia or Singapore apart from political stability are Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are not a major tourist destination. Major tourist destination in terms of this global big spenders like United States, Germany and United Kingdom.

Malaysia top 3 markets or inbound tourist are number 1: Singapore, second place is Indonesia and third goes to Thailand. So this make Malaysia just attracted to our neighbor and because they are not very top spender except for Singapore with Indonesia currency for example is much lower than Malaysia, make the tourism industry here in term of economy not to fruitful compared to Thailand.

Malaysia Top 10 Tourist Market

We see in CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera when terror attacks Mumbai, they seek for British and U.S tourist to take as a hostage. Also in Bali Bombing, they bombarded place with many European tourist. We don’t know why this terrorist that also a locals, are very motivated to make a chaos in their own country in killing foreign tourist that in the end will affect their own economy.

As Malaysia or Malacca trying to focus on bigger tourism market such as from Europe and U.S, government should concern on this terrorist group as they just live next door…

“The people who survived the disaster here need money. If tourists do not come back soon, they will face another disaster – this time a financial one.” Giovanni Romchi, 2005 [referring to the 26 Dec 2004 tsunami]


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