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As baba and nyonya is famous for their Kebaya fashion, they also have their own style of cooking. A mix Chinese & Malays cuisine. Because they has came here long ago and live here long centuries ago, they adoped the Malay herb & spices into their cooking. One of the famous Baba & Nyonya restaurant here in Melaka is Ole Sayang Restaurant Sdn. Bhd own by Mr. Seet Kee An. Mr Seet is a Baba himself. Baba & Nyonya looks like Chinese, because they are Chinese just they Can’t speak Mandarin very fluently. In Malaysia only Melaka have the Baba & Nyonya families and like Mr. Seet Kee An, maybe there are the last who still practice their old Peranakan custom, younger generation tend to be like averages Chinese, speak Mandarin and go to the Chinese school.

Ok now back to the food. Ole Sayang Restaurant are one of the halal Baba & Nyonya Restaurant. Located at 198-199 building in Taman Melaka Raya. It can easily be spotted because the restaurant is just at the main road, inner section towards the Carrefour store. You will past Public Bank and 7 Eleven before arrive at the Ole Sayang Restaurant. When I go to Ole Sayang, I already had my favourite menu in my mind, that are:-

Asam cooked John Snapper (Ikan jenahak / jenak) : RM32.00 (4 person)

Nyonya Style Chicken Rendang : RM10.00

Fried Chap Chai or Mix Vegetables : RM9.00

Ole Sayang Bean Curd : RM5.00

Rice is served in a screw pine basket covered with banana leaves to give the rice special aroma.


Ole Sayang interior adapted from the Baba Nyonya home, Chinese design with mix local village decor. You can see at the wall, the owner put all of it ancestor from the first root that came to Melaka. I guess from the first Seet family to present Seet family, nearly 500 years old. As a Malaccan & Malay, all the menu are familiar to me and it is not as chili hot as it look. Baba Nyonya dishes is more sour, the gravy is thick and more herbal ingredients.

Overall you can find the cooking at Ole Sayang is more like mom home made recipe. Not too spicy, not too hot and not to salty like the Malay dishes.

Here is the address!

Restoran Ole Sayang Sdn. Bhd.
198-199, Taman Melaka Raya,
Off Jalan Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka,
Tel : 062831966, 062834384
Fax : 062833315

The Restaurant Operating hours:


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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7 thoughts on “Ole..Ole..Ole..

  1. Hi Ask,

    Owner of Ole Sayang is Mr Seet Tiang Chye and not Seet Kee An. I think you confuse with Jalan Seet Kee Ann (who happen to be his grand or great Grand father)

  2. Salam,

    Hi kak. Just saya nak tanya. Restoren Ole Sayang tue betul2 confirm halal ke. Sb planning nak bawa family dinner kat sana. Mak saya kalo restoran pelik2 sikit, die confuse nak makan kat situ. Harap akak can feedback to my enquiry. Tq from me.

  3. Hi,

    Restoren Ole Sayang tu antara masakan baba-nyonya yang halal. Tapi bukan semua halal tau. Tukang masak dia samalah dengan Hotel Strait Meridian tu sebab owner nya pun orang yang sama dan masakan nya pun sama….

  4. Salam,

    Terima kasih di atas feedback yang diberi. Cuma ayat “Tapi bukan semua halal tau” merujuk kepada restoran baba dan nyonya yang selain drp Ole Sayang kan? Kalau mcm tue barulah senang hati nak ke Ole Sayang. Saya nak cadangkan akak fokus kat content dalam blog nie ttg tempat makan yang istimewa kat melaka. boleh dijadikan panduan. Sebab tak banyak blog yang tunjukkan tempat makan yang halal around melaka. Confirm hit lg meletup. nanti saya promotekn blog akak nie kat kwn saya. TQ again from me.

  5. Just to double confirm.. whether is it confirm all is halal. cos really make me confuse for the ayat “bukan semua halal” cos my friend intend to go melaka for vocation, bt they intend to try some special local nyoya food, please advise and confirm again.. thankss

  6. cik asmaliana, thank you for the writeup, im bringing my family to malacca this weekend and i’ll definitely go to Ole sayang. Cheers and salams.

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