March 20, 2023

SDSI Showcase 2008 Closed…

SDSI 2008 or One District One Industry showcase was finally closed on Sunday 9th November late afternoon. This year mark the 3rd year of the Showcase and it was every year success. Showcase is organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Develoment (MECD) of Malaysia. The programmed is aimed at developing products that commercially produced with identity of particular district to attract attraction in the area in the aspect of tourism.

This showcase, started in 2006 is the largest annual gathering of local SME SDSI products from from all over the country. The effort is to network all the entrepreneurs making it a large chain of local community products and this showcase will help to promote it to the global arena. More information and brochure about SDSI present and past here.

The concept of SDSI is similar like other country OVOP or One Village One Products that have proven succesful in fostering and introduce the local socio-economic activities to the world. Some succesful OVOP activities are Oita in Japan and Thailand OTOP.


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