December 5, 2022

Melaka Delite

As I said from the previous post, Melaka State government official drink is mango. The Melaka state government has named this variety of mango – Melaka Delite. Melaka Delite juice is not like mango juice you get from commercially mango drink available in packet. Already known Mango juice drink in retail store taste more lite, the example of the difference is like you drink sugar cane beverages in the packet and real sugar cane beverages found on the street or night market. I think you will understand because the taste is totally different.

Melaka Delite mango juice packed in 310ml bottles is more pure concentrate and you can feel the thick mango flesh in it. The juicy juice best served chilled because it is like 90% pure mango puree. Now we can get this Melaka Delite Mango juice at retail store like Mydin. The Melaka Delite mango planted by locals at Kampung Gelam and with continues support from state government, they perform a small medium industry at their village to produce the drink.

This drink is produce by:
Petaniaga Food Industry,
PPL Lot 1887, Jalan Seberang Gajah,
KM 13, Kg. Gelam,
76400 Tanjung Kling,
Tel: 06-3510445
Fax: 06-351 0446


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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2 thoughts on “Melaka Delite

  1. hye, i’m erma from university malaysia terengganu and now in final year of food science
    (food service and nutrition). well, actually im doing my final
    year project regarding utilization of mango peel. since your company is producing mango juice
    which is in large scale, i wish that i could get the mango peels from yours in order to run my
    project. i’d used to buy a whole mango but it was not practical since i only need the peels
    not the pulps and i need to buy many kilos of whole mango to get the amount of peels needed. in my research later, i need about 10
    need about 10kg of mango peel.
    so i wish that you may supply the mango peel which is your company waste to me.

    i’ll be on the line at and through 017-5970851
    hope that you can collaborate with me to help this mango industry. tq

  2. Wow in which part of the article make you think that I’am producing the mango juice. Btw Erma you could contact the Industry directly from the number at the article. Well if I can reach the owner I will give you your number. Yeah I think they will just throw away the mango peel….

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