September 21, 2023

Malacca Dragon Fruits Concentrate…


Agro tourism is part of Melaka 12 tourism sub-sector. Although Melaka economy is not based on agriculture, Melaka still have plenty of agricultural land and many individual fruits orchard all over the state. As most part of Melaka are form by Malay village, we can find many varieties of tropical fruis here like mangosteen, durians, jack fruits, sapodilla, rambutans and other exotic fruits like pulasan, custard apple and santol. All the fruits are at home grown orchard and plant by the locals not for commercial use but for family consume. This Malay fruits orchard usually will be tourist attraction when visiting the Melaka homestay.

For the commercials, Melaka has setup a biotechnology department to boost the Melaka biotechnology industry. The main aim are to research new agricultural technology and producing value added to the industry as Melaka have very small land to utilized. One of the Melaka biotech products are Dragon Fruits Concentrate.
Dragon fuits is not native to Melaka or even Malaysia but the fruits starting to be famous crop as it has a good export value.

A pure concentrate, must add water first!

Now we can find the Dragon Fruits Concentrate at most of the hotel in Melaka. Dragon Fruits also have good nutrients for health like anti-oxidants and fiber. Diabetics patient use it as a substitution for rice and also a source of dietary fiber. Dragon Fruits concentrate when make into a juice is reddish in color with tiny seed mix all over it. Because the seeds are so tiny, people just eat it with the flesh same goes to the juice. We can find the concentrate in most Melaka retail shop or State own agencies like Syarikat Pemasaran Melaka Berhad. Call Syarikat Pemasaran Melaka Berhad (06-231-7630) or direct to Melaka Biotech for more info.

Melaka Biotech Corp. Juice.

Melaka have its own Official fruit and drink and its sure not the Dragon Fruits. Melaka official fruit is Melaka Delite Mango. It is a variety of mango mainly planted in Melaka. All official State Government event will have a Melaka Delite Mango juice. Will write about Mango Delite later…


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