February 6, 2023

Fort Supai – Old Inland Revenue Office

Usually old Fort build by the colonial are for war purposed and as a bastion to defense their strategic interest. There is one fort in Melaka that build by Dutch and it’s main purposed was a center for tax collections. Fort Supai, located at Kuala Linggi Melaka, a border area between state of Melaka and State of Negeri Sembilan. When you arrived at Kuala Linggi, the old fort is situated atop of the hill near Kuala Linggi River Mouth. So at that time, all ship must past this fort before entering Kuala Linggi or out to the Straits of Melaka.

Build in 1757 after the war between the Dutch and Bugis Clan fighting for the tin mining. After the war was over, Dutch deploy small group off their officer here and build the fort. The original name of this place is not known but it was referred as Sepoy’s Hill. The Dutch used to call this place as Fort Fhilipina, named after the Daughter of the Dutch Governor.

The square fort was built complete with bastions for artillery and moat around it. A passage way that connected the fort and the landing stage at the beach has disappeared. The same way the buildings that were erected within the fort also collapsed and totally disappeared. For Kuala Linggi terrain and map here.


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