January 27, 2023

Democratic Museum in a Democratic Country…

Because Malaysia is a democratic country, there is a museum call Melaka Democratic Administration Museum or ‘Muzium Pemerintahan Demokrasi.’ The ‘Muzium Pemerintahan Demokrasi’ portrays all the democratic process in Malaysia and how the Nation administration was develop before independence until now.

You will learn from the scratch, how the nation is call Malaysia, the creation of all the states in Malaysia and the uniqueness of the democracy process in Malaysia that is the Monarchical Constitution Democracy. Learn about all the King in Malaysia and how Malaysia is ruled by the Coalition Party of races and head by the Supreme King that is Yang Dipertuan Agong.

The museum is recommended for those want to know how Malaysia and all the states are administrated. How the State of Malacca, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak differ from other state that have a king. Ideal for foreign tourist and expatriate because this museum is like a one day crash course about Malaysia.

Every country have their own Political Museum and the Museum will reflect how the country is administer from the past and present for example a Communist country will have a communist museum. Here are few of other country political museum :-

1) Prague Communist Museum

“The museum focuses on the totalitarian regime from the February coup in 1948 to its rapid collapse in November 1989. The theme of the Museum is “Communism- the Dream, the Reality, and the Nightmare” and visitors will be treated to a fully immersive experience. Immersive factories, a historical schoolroom, an Interrogation Room, or the video clips in our Television Time Machine are all part of the experience. The museum is a great introduction before you step back even further in time and experience the wonders of The Golden City.”

2) National Liberty Musuem – Unites States of America

“For more than 300 years, men and women of courage, foresight and need made a great journey to a new land. They endured hardship, danger and loneliness, leaving behind all that was familiar to them. This gallery explores the reasons our ancestors came to America and the inspiring success stories of the generations that followed.”

3) Lenin Musuem – Tampere Finland

“In January 1946 the political climate in Finland finally allowed the Lenin museum to be opened. Since that time the museum has expanded its task to span a whole historical period: the era of Soviet socialism. The museum has undertaken to preserve, exhibit and research the objects, documents and symbols of the Soviet era.”

Melaka Democratic Musuem located at Banda Hilir at the Stadhuys Musuem Complex at the top of the hill. The tickets to the musuem is RM5.00 and it is a package when you enter the Stadthuys Museum Complex.

Past Leaders in Visual Aid

Security Personnel that fought for Independence

The Kings Past and Present

Visual in Human Statue about Locals Demonstration Against the Britisth before Independence


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