January 27, 2023

Melaka Aboriginal Museum

Here in Malaysia, the indigenous people are called ‘Orang Asli’. Orang is ‘men’ and asli is ‘indigenous’. Government introduce the word ‘Orang Asli’ in the 1950s referring to small cluster of people live deep in the Malaysian rain forest. The aspect of magic and ritual are famous in their culture making this ‘Orang Asli’ called a primitive.

In reality we may say they are poor and lag from current technology. But if we look in different point of view, these indigenous people also develop their own standard of living and technology to suit in the environment they live in. They have their own culture and arts skill that are related with the nature. Who says they have no technology? The can live in the wild with tools they created themselves. No TV’s and entertainment, it is bias to define entertainment just to focus on movies or going the rock concert. What ever that can entertain us we can call it some sort of entertainment too.

So this people also have their own entertainment and it’s unique. They have their own musical instruments and dance. They make mask and clothing made from plant to do their ceremony. At ‘Muzium Orang Asli Melaka’ or Melaka Aboriginal Museum , many of the apparatus and tools used by all tribe of the indigenous people in Malaysia are displayed. Muzium Orang Asli Melaka is located just about 2 Kilometer from Melaka Ayer Keroh tol Exit and beside Melaka Crocodile Farm. Open in 3rd February 1997, you can find many main aboriginal tribes history like Senoi, Jah Hut and Mah Meri here.

The Museum contains five gallery with five themes. The themes displayed at the gallery are method for catching the fish, agriculture tools, aboriginal kitchen, sleeping room, and weapons. Most attracted subject will be hunting tools and the sermon tools that kept 1001 mysteries about the tribes magic and witch craft.

Museum building are adapted from the aboriginal wooden houses that utilize tree bark, bamboo and logs with no concrete structure what so ever. Open 6 day a week accept for Monday from 9.00am to 5.30 pm.

Fees :-
Adult : RM1.00
Children : RM0.50.

Contact : 606-2317932

The Musuem

The Tools

The Witch Craft


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