January 31, 2023

Nossa Senhora da Annunciada – Have Wishing Well too

To date I have write about 2 ancient wishing well in Malacca, now 3 at St. Paul Church. Not including many old shrine and wells at the Mysterious Pulau Besar (Great Islands of Melaka). Located at the highest point in Banda Hilir, if you at the Porta de Santiago (A Famosa Fortress), look up and you can find the step to a hill with an old ruins at the top of the hill.

From the ruins, only the walls and gravestones are left of this church built by the Portuguese in 1521 and named “Nossa Senhora Da Annunciada” (Our Lady of Annunciation ). It was the earliest Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia . During The siege by the Dutch, much of the church was destroyed. Eventually the church was renovated and turn into a Protestant Church and named St. Paul Church. Many gravestone with Portuguese and Dutch inscription can be found here.

One stone marks the location of the former grave of the wife of Jan Van Riebeeck, who was Governor of Melaka from 1662 to 1665. Van Riebeeck was well known person because previously, in 1652, he founded Cape Colony (South Africa). All the tombstone are still intact and the carving still evident. In front of the church there is a Statue of St. Francis Xavier. Only this statue are newly built from all the ruins and building. The Statue was build in 1952 to commemorate the passing of the saint. Notice that the statue without the right arm in place. It said that in early days the state was complete with both hand intact but a large tree fell on it and broke of the arm on the right as a result it has missing arm until today.

Enjoy view from the stair for a while.

Statue with now hand, St. Francis Xavier.

When climbing the step to St. Paul hill enjoy the sea breeze from Straits of Melaka and view of the Banda Hilir from the top. You can find people selling craft, art and playing music with guitar up there. Oupps! forgot about the wishing well, inside the church ruin there is like a not to deep hole that is closed with steel casing. The hole is like a well and you can see may coins in it but no sign of water. It maybe some sort of all well or irrigation system. As there is an old hole there is a coins in it…

People selling arts and crafts.

Inside the ruins..

See at the end of the building? There is a wishing well.

Carved Tombstone, I don’t understand the meaning only for the date…

Throw coins and you will end up with less coins in you pockets.

The indie band playing guitar.

Enjoy guitar show at the ruins of St. Paul..


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5 thoughts on “Nossa Senhora da Annunciada – Have Wishing Well too

  1. Regarding the pit with a metal casing enclosure within the church on top of St.Paul’s Hill, I always thought it was the burial place of St. Francis Xavier before his body was taken back to Goa in India! I never thought it was a well or some sort of irrigation system. Pardon me if I am wrong !

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