June 5, 2023

Another Luck Well if You Spotted the White Croc!

Wells are among the famous human creation for fairy tales. Around the world there are many stories about wishing well. The ancient Germanic and Celtic considered wells and springs sacred places. They throw the armory of their defeated enemy in to the well after battles as an offering to their god. Normal practice for dealing with an ancient or luck well are throwing coins deep into it and widely accepted around the world. You can see Chinese or European throwing coins into a well for luck.

Apart of many old wells in Melaka including the Hang Li Poh Princess well, Well Of Hang Tuah (Perigi Hang Tuah) are the most famous. Although the history for Hang Tuah well a mostly legend it is still preserved by the government as it has known by the locals long ago. This different with Hang Li Poh well that has been written officially in history and used by the Portuguese and Dutch.

Hang Tuah is a Legendary Warrior cum Admiral in Melaka Sultanate about 14 to 15 century, strong and intelligent to serve the Malacca Sultanate court. As legend says that Hang Tuah had been travel to Arabs,India, Siam, Brunei, Java and China as Malacca diplomat and in the journey he has won all the fight with local fighter, pirates and emperors guard. The key of Hang Tuah ability is his magic chanting and Holy Kris that can make him immune from any weapons. In Hang Tuah Tale book written by anonymous, it said Hang Tuah once has been shoot with the Portuguese cannon at his chess but survive.

The Hang Tuah well said to be dug by him only and located in Duyong Village (Hang Tuah Birth Place 600 years ago) about 4 Kilometer from Melaka town. Acoording to the legend it is believed that a white crocodile (the Kramat of Hang Tuah) dwells in this well and those who are able to see the spirit (Kramat) will be bestowed with good luck. The water also can make your face more younger but not proven scientifically. As typical story of all ancient wells, the water in this well also never dried even in drought time.

Well entrance..

All the well compound has been upgraded with roof all over.

Picture at the wall of the well compound, legendary fight of Hang Tuah.

Duyong Old Mosque not far from the well.

Coordinates: 2°12’0″N 102°17’49″E
Map of Perigi Hang Tuah:


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8 thoughts on “Another Luck Well if You Spotted the White Croc!

  1. Connie I will throw it for you and you can wish from U.S :-), Hi joe.. It is not that very beautiful hmm just and old well with local superstition hehe.

  2. Dear Asmaliana,

    I am from Sabah. In 2 weeks time I will be going to Kuala Lumpur & Melaka for ‘jalan-jalan’. Can you give me some idea of place that I should visit in Melaka? Brgds/wassalam.

  3. Hi Honey,

    As Melaka is well known for it’s historical site, the recommended place of interest must be the historical site first. I will say this to all, let start at Banda Hilir, because many main Museum, old fort and ruins are there. Please refer to the Download Melaka Brochure and Heritage Trail Section. At Banda Hilir also had all the main shopping complex and can by souvenirs at many spot at Banda Hilir or Dataran Pahlawan.

    After you finish all the museum (1 day is not enough), let say we try somthing new starting from Melaka River Cruise. Cruise all along the historic Melaka River, remebering the old days..After that try out the Revolving Tower – Menara Taming Sari and get a clear view the old town.

    OH before I forget, you might want to visit Melaka Zoo, Croc Farm, Butterfly Farm and Mini Malaysia at Ayer Keroh first because you will past all that place first before entering Melaka Town. Ayer Keroh is just after you enter the Highway Tol Exit.

    Honey,…have a nice trip at Melaka!

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