March 20, 2023

Malaysia Cholestrolicious Meals for You!


This type of meals is not Malaysian origin but it has assimilated to be as part of the national daily meals. Look like high cholesterol with many chicken part, meat, mutton and egg. The gravy will extra thick curry and we have the chicken turn into tandoori, now tandoori chicken is known internationally. All the cholestrolicious meals you can eat at ‘Mamak’ restaurants. Malaysian need not to introduce with the Mamak terms as they all are grown up with it. In the old time Mamaks operate in a small stall and drinks and food can be paid later (regular customer pay later and listed into a small note book). Now Mamaks are going commercials with big restaurant and many branches and some have open branches in oversea.

Mamak is best for their special brew ‘teh-tarik’ or if we translated it will be pulling tea. Pulling tea? Sound weird eh? Actually it is a milk tea with high density of milk and tea bag, with two big mug the Mamak chef will pour the drinks into another mug and pull his hand sky high. The drink is served with creamy bubbles after the pulling. Mamak also famous with many types of Indian bread.

Pulling Tea, extra milk!.

Although looks like many calories and cholesterol, Mamaks will be always famous with variety of food and fast services. Want special curry? than go to the Mamaks. Talk about cholesterol actually there is no death case eating at Mamaks, all food is good just eat healthily (just eat healthily ?). More about mamak here.

Mamak specialty, tandoori chicken with Baryani rice and curry.

The signature bread – Murtabak..


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