December 4, 2022

Malay Customs Preserved…


Malay are first to arrived at this land Peninsular of Malaysia. Malays in Malaysia are unique because they blend from all Malay ethnic in this Malay Archipelago. In Indonesia for example, the Have many Malay ethnic like Javanese, Minang, Batak and many others. But here in Malaysia, the ethnic customs are seldom practice and all of the Malays here agreed to call them just Malays. Therefore we can find the customs are mixed with many other Malay ethnic in this Archipelago like marriage customs, accessories and dressing. But now all the customs are not everyday practice and some of them have been replace by modern & contemporary fashion such as marriage dress. It’s hard to find the authentic traditional accessories now as the younger generations never use them anymore. So best things to find them is at the Museum.

A Malay Minang Ethnic Wedding Dias.

At Alor Gajah district Melaka, Museum Department have setup a Museum specifically for Malay Tradition call The Museum of Custom & Tradition (Muzium Adat & Istiadat Melaka). The Museum also known as Alor Gajah District Museum (Muzium Daerah Alor Gajah). The museum exhibit artifacts and socio-economics activities of the locals communities at Alor Gajah. The Role of the museum was later changed to include dissemination of knowledge to the public about the customs and traditions in the Malay society in Melaka.

Malay Necklace and bangle.

The concept of exhibition focuses on the customs and traditions based on the diorama of the Malay weddings such as “akad nikah”( the betrothal), “persandingan” (wedding), the costumes and garments worn by the bride and bridegroom. Displayed also are the various “Pelamin”(bridal dias) costumes and garments from the various district of Sumatera, Indonesia.

Other Neck accessories.

First night here…

Museum located at the heart of Alor Gajah Town at Alor Gajah ‘Kriss Field’ (Dataran Keris Alor Gajah) and the admission is free to all.



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