January 27, 2023

What YEllOW means to you?


Yellow… in Malay custom yellow mean Royalty and every Royal Events will have many yellow equipment,yellow carpet yellow dress and anything. Yellow color also means cheerful, other culture like Japan stated yellow as the color of courage. But for me yellow means warded. Yes I’m warded again as my baby turn yellow. A yellow skin baby also called a Jaundice. Early in the morning I notice my baby eye was a bit yellow then ask my mother for his opinion. She said its a yellow fever and I must quickly get to the hospital and see the doctor. The baby blood test turn to be 15 for Jaundice. I don’t know what is the number all about but the doctor said if the Jaundice level is 15 then my baby must undergo phototheraphy treatment. I’m really sad to hear about my baby must go for the phototheraphy but the doc said it will not hurt the baby and I can be there at my baby all the time. Okay then because at first I thought that they will take the baby and put it some place like incubator and must wear some sort like a mask or radioactive wear to enter. The truth is my baby will sit right to me at my bed.

Can you spot some yellowish color at my baby skin?

The treatment maybe about 2 or 3 days depends on the Jaundice level. Called some of my friends to ask for opinion, some say use a goat milk and avoid to use any peripherals that has yellow color even a yellow shirt. A goat milk? No No No I will not give baby a goat milk …a goat milk? Any medical testimonial for that? Second is I avoid yellow color..hmm….come ooon even my mom don’t have that kind of superstition. Okay better stick to this phototerapy. As usual warded is very boring then called my husband to bring my blogging tools:-

Must have tools to blog, if not you can’t online. If the nurse not happy with this I’ll report the the hospital director cause he is my friends hehe.

Ok here some facts about jaundice from the Internet:-

Jaundice (say: “john-diss”) is an illness that can happen in the first few days of a baby’s life. It turns your baby’s skin, eyes and mouth a yellow color. The yellow color is caused by bilirubin.

Bilirubin is made when the body breaks down old red blood cells. This is a normal process that happens all through life. Bilirubin goes to the liver, where it is changed again. Then it goes into the intestines and the kidneys, and then it goes out of the body. If too much bilirubin builds up in your baby’s body, it makes a yellow color called jaundice

Jaundice is common in babies and is usually not serious.

More about the Jaundice facts here. Read that it is normal for baby and usually will not be serious. I have a bit low understanding about Jaundice because my first baby never got the Jaundice. Well what to do, just hope my baby recover quickly and I can go home.

Do you see it, the phototheraphy things is just like a small equipment with blue fluorescent like lamp.

Baby is blind fold when put at the phototheraphy bed to protect baby eye from the light.

My husband testing the money fake or not using light from the phototheraphy, but I dont see much different..hey stop playing with money!


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3 thoughts on “What YEllOW means to you?

  1. Do understand your anxiety re your baby’s postnatal jaundice. It is quite a common occurence in Asian babies. If the degree of jaundice is not too severe then by putting your child in the sunlight for a few minutes each day will help to alleviate the situation. Anyway, now that he is under phototherapy he will be okay soon. Will pray for his and your good health !

  2. Thanks for the advice doc, now you really sound like a medical doctor :-). Anyway happy 51 Merdeka doc. “Orang Lama” like you may know better the Meaning of Independence rather younger generation like me. Hope we can still live together in harmony, drink at kopitiam and eat roti bakar together without any boundaries of race another 51 years more!.

  3. Although you belong to the younger generation of Malaysian (or Malaccan ) one thing I find encouraging is the very fact that you still hold dear to the ideal of being Malaysian with no delineation of race or creed, where we live as one big family, helping each other when need arises and sharing our good fortunes with the less fortunate of brothers and sisters. I must say that I did notice we, Malaccans, still have a high degree of harmony amongst us and that is very unique. This may be due to our long history of living side by side with each other and understanding and tolerating one another’s idiosyncrasies. This is an asset which should be instilled into future generations to come. Then, only then, can we drink freely at kopitiams, eat happily roti bakar or nasi lemak or bermain gasing or guli together not only for the next 51 years but forever and ever !

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