February 7, 2023

Prison also Have a Gallery Here..


Prisoners in Malaysia maybe are the luckiest inmates in the world. Why? This is because their work of art is appreciated by the government with the setup of prison gallery. So what’s in it? The main products in the gallery are craft based on wood, rattans, iron cast, weaving, songket, cement ferro, ceramics,foodstuff and clothings. All hand made by the inmates. Forget a while all the bad things they do in the past, the truth is their works are really nice and some have high quality craftsmanship.

Rattan base products.

National Prison Gallery is located in Melaka and situated at Ministry of Internal Affair Complex Ayer Keroh. The gallery exhibit all prisoners work from prison all over the country. Profit from the sales at the gallery also have a portion for the inmates and accumulated until they are free to walk out from the prison. Some prisoners can setup their own business because of the skills they learn at the prison and also have some money too. This products are result from Human Capital Development Plan from the government to ensure all prisoners must undergo all sort of technical training when waiting their punishment to be completed

Wall decoration.


All the products are same like other commercial products you can get in the shop, neatly wrapped, tagged and inspected for quality before delivered to the gallery. The Prison Department of Malaysia also have setup online store and you can buy the products online!. Click here for the prison gallery online store.

Here the details and contact for Prison Gallery Malaysia, Melaka :-

Kompleks Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri,
Jalan Seri Negeri,
75450 Ayer Keroh,

Phone: 06-2316854
Fax: 06-2316854
E-mail: galeri@prison.gov.my


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