June 5, 2023

Warded because of a Mosquito!

Poss from Ward

Oh my gosh I am warded because of fever! After work my head feel dizzy, baby in my womb kicking heavily and my skin rashes become more worst. My husband pick me up at office and I go straight to the hospital. My husband thought I have already want to give birth and he drive to the maternity ward. Really tired to walk and had to use the wheel chair.

When the doctor came and do the all the procedure,the result is I am not ready yet for giving a birth (my actual due is early September) but the body temperature is 38 degree C. The young doc is like wow! this girl must undergo immediate operation frighten about the baby well being. Then immediately they transfer me to the ward for further checking by the experts. And you know what come out after my blood test result reveal? its a CHIKUNGUNYA Virus!

After that my husband quickly open his PDA and google for Chikungunya :

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is an insect-bourne virus, of the genus, Alphavirus, that is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes.[1] There have been recent outbreaks of CHIKV associated with severe morbidity. CHIKV causes an illness with symptoms similar to dengue fever. CHIKV manifests itself with a prolonged arthralgic disease that affects the joints of the extremities. The acute febrile phase of the illness lasts only two to five days. The pain associated with CHIKV infection of the joints persists for weeks or months.

I strongly dont agree with this

Thank god it’s not a dengue fever if not maybe I will be in the operation theater doing a Caesarean. Hmm now 2 or 3 days at ward is a must. Although I can discharge after 2 or 3 days the Chikungunya effect such as joint pain and intense headache will still occur and can last up to a week. With my appetite very low, my hope to get all the body needs is by consuming milk and got to buy Anmum. Before this I never drink Anmum eheh. Hmm…2-3 days at ward must be boring then must borrow my husband EDGE connection so I can online during the period.

Happy Feet..Skin red dot is similar symptom with dengue fever.

So readers from South East Asia, please be careful by not to be bitten by daytime mosquito as the doc said Chikungunya mosquito only fly in daytime. Use insect repellent when doing outdoor activities.

*This post is back ward as today I have already discharge from the Hospital. But still at home on MC till Friday :-)*


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