February 7, 2023

I’ve got few tickets…

8 tv summer live concert

I have few tickets for the 8TV summer live concert reserve for bloggers and friends. If you really interested to go to the concert I can give you the tickets in my hand but only first come first serve Just call me or give a reply. Please stated the amount and will try my best to reserved the tickets for you. If the tickets are not available I will inform.


-Mine finished, no more tickets already!!-


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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43 thoughts on “I’ve got few tickets…

  1. Can u giv me 10 tickets? I really want it because the day after the concert is my birthday! Hope u can share this superb concert with me and also as a birthday present^^. Thank you.

  2. OK just for birthday boy only..The 10 tickets. Hey Narrowminded, just wait at the main entrance and some one will give you the 10 tickets. Email me details (names,looks etc) thanx..

  3. Wow! Thanks a lot but where can i get the tickets from u?
    Can u email me for further information? Thanks again^^.

  4. Narrowminded if you want the tickets fast and you are at Melaka right now, just drop by at my office, level 12 Graha Maju (tourism unit). Can call me first at 062882923 (office).

  5. hallo, may i get 10 tickets<because i really like the artist perfomance for summer live concert,expeacially jolin tsai.may i know the tickets is super rock fans zone mah?

  6. hallo vivian, I will check the the tickets availability at the office tomorow / Monday. After that will revert back to you the amount of tickets you can get. Anyway what is super rock fans zone eh?

  7. good day vivian…i just need only 2 tickets and im from sungai petani,kedah..i would not able to reach in mahkota parade on that day..thank you so much if vivian u would like to help to to get the tickets..thank you.

  8. Hi Vivian, I need 2 tickets. I stay in Melaka Baru. How do i get the ticket from you?
    Thanks. Rgrds, Tang

  9. hi. could i get 5 tickets from you? i would really appreciate your kindness. i have already made plan with my friends to go. but i didn’t know that we have to go to melaka to get the ticket. would you please be so kind to grant this small request of mine? thank you so much in advanced.

  10. Wee Chao, if the tickets available you still must come down here to Melaka and get it from my office. Will check and revert back.thanx

  11. hello, may i have 4 tickets please? there are a few categories of tickets – shockin’ rock zone, super fans rock zone, crazy fans rock zone and rock zone (in increasing distance from the stage). if possible i would like the nearest tickets you have please. you may reply to my email
    thank you!!

  12. Ok Tickets Counter Closed and no more tickets in My Haaand!

    All the tickets are CRAZY ROCK ZONE B, the recepient are:

    Narrowminded : 10 Tickets

    vivian tee ay wey : Only 5 tickets

    Tang : 2 tickets

    wee chao : 5 tickets

    vs : 4 tickets

    Please call me ASAP at 2882923 and have a great time.. thx.

  13. hi..
    how i wan get some tickets ???
    how much it cost ???
    at the redemption place can get the ticket ??
    u got extra tickets ??? i need 4 if you have…
    really really need it..
    thanks ^.^

  14. Hi,im from Kuala Lumpur and i not to request for any tickets..hehe.i juz wanna know how can i reach to MITC there if i take bus from K.L till Melaka sentral only….Appreciate for your help…

  15. Elle,

    The tickets are free, only limited, hey why not you just give me a call maybe I have some good news for you :-)…But till this Thursday I can be reached after 5pm coz now Melaka Had the Sidang Dewan Negeri.


    From Melaka Sentral to MITC, you can take the Town Bus Service, Bus with Green and White stripe color. The tickets is about RM2.00 and you can arrive there about 15 minutes. Taxi is another option. Just ask for MITC. But taxi I think RM10.00. Actually the bus from KL will pass MITC junction first before headed to town (Melaka Sentral). You may stop at the jucntion and walk about 1.5 Km. Anyway C.K you cannot lost in Melaka. I guarantee. Just dont ask for beca from town to MITC hahaha.

  16. Dear all, for the tickets redemption you can get it at our booth (Melaka Tourism Promotion Division), just nearby at the concert area, 2 hours before the concert start. Please make confirmation, how many tickets you want. Just sms to me (Asmaliana) at this number 6012-6355301. I will reserve for you and dont forget first come first serve. See you there!!! Thanks

  17. Hahaha,funny man!!!!
    Thnx for your information…since i wont lose in melaka, i think i got nothing to worry bout ady….hehe
    THnx a lotz…

  18. Oh! Once again thank u very much. I have a good news for anyone who needs the tickets because i have extra tickets from my relatives. So, i think the reserved tickets for me should be given to others. Please take note that i didn’t mean to make fun with you. REALLY!! I really appreciate tat. Sorry if i cause any inconvinience and thank u once again.

  19. Hi Narrowminded, alicia here. I am interested in the concert, may i know how many tickets can u give me? Please let me know, thanks.

  20. Thank you Asmaliana. I get the tickets today by my cousin. Great to join for my 1st concert in my life… hope this concert will b superb concert… ^^

  21. Hi there,

    I am really keen to get the tickets and to visit Malacca. This will be my first visit there and I really hope that I can have a chance to visit this place and at the same time, go for the concert. Any chances to get it? I need 2 – 4 tickets.

    Thanks a lot for reading my message.

  22. Izzit there have any way to get the ticket??
    i with my friend try find any way but still cannot get the ticket…
    i need around 10 ticket and we are existing to join this party….

    Thanks a lot…

  23. Hi Justina & Jaslin,

    For the time being no more in my rezab. I don’t know if last minute if some body will give away tickets or not going to the concert. Will check for you.

  24. Yina, its depends. Now only 2 of the commenter came to get their tickets. Will have to wait until last minute if no one claim the tickets you can have it.

  25. haha, expected answer anway.
    i guess i have to travel up there to try my luck.

    but as for the concert is outdoor right?
    shld be w/o ticket also can see side view? haha

  26. Hello i am christine. i need to reserve 5 ticket. i am wondering is there any ticket left for the concert. Thank you

  27. hey,thnx a lot….
    n also help me to say thank you to the encik dat pass me the tickets…

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