January 29, 2023

Kapitan’s Treat…

Lunch time at office hours will be a boring thing to do if you kept on dining at the 4th floor. The building official cafeteria. Imagine, 5 years at work, same dining table, same environment, same cooking auntie but one thing sure will not be the same as 5 years ago, the price. The purpose to have a cafeteria in the office building are for convenient and to save time since its 1 hour for lunch.

Sometime me and my mate want to go out from the usual and find a new environment to eat. But can we go out drive a car and went back to the office just in time… for one hour?. Mrs. Tan suggested that we eat at a not regular place, The Kapitan House. Hmm sound interesting since me and yantie never been there before. Mrs. Tan said than Kapitan House is Baba mix Chinese mix Malay restaurant and with the touch of western. Wow lets go there!. But the problem is we will never get back around 2 o’clock. Oh well no problem, at 2.30 we got an appointment at one of the Hotel in Banda Hilir. Boss will understand. Okay then off we go to the Kapitan House. Located at down town Melaka Raya.

Yantie choose a seafood tom yam with noodles, hey its not baba or malay its Siam. All you can get here at Kapitan House…
yantie tom yam

Mrs Tan choose Wan Tan Hor because it has her name ‘Tan’ in it.
wan tan hor

Mrs Tan choose not to reveal his face, don’t be fool with the fair young hand. We can call her auntie already…
mrs tan

All the set comes with a soup.
soup for all

Me choose to have Egg wrapped tuna sandwich. Full with mayonnaise. Added with the fries, I cannot finished it all… fell so full.

Cendol is another kapitan’s specialty. Don’t froget to try one.Not so bad…
kapitan cendol

Kapitan House interior are contemporary Baba – Nyonya style.
kapitans interior

Fyi, the price are quite reasonable and maybe cheap if you look at the comfortable features and the food presentation. Each of us just paid about RM6.00 per set. Interested to try the Kapitan’s Treat? Here is the address:

Kapitan House Restaurant,
No 71 & 73, Jalan Merdeka,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka.
Tel/Fax: 06282 6525
email: kapitan8@streamyx.com


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