June 5, 2023

It’s Fruity Season Here!…

Malaysia is a tropical country and just got one season. Sunny days and rainy days. You can’t easily predict the rain here. At one time you go out from the house the sun shine brightly and a minute later rain comes in. But hey… we got another season here, the all new fruit season .Tropical local fruits like Durians, mangosteen and rambutan are seasonal fruits that you can get only once a year. The local fruits season range from June to August.Let’s checkout what are in my mom in law back yards

The King of all Fruit!
durian on top

This is a dangerous shot! Beware of Durian falling down if you want to do it.
durian tree

The rambutans also blooming…but not ripe enough.

Mangosteen still not ripe, for non South East Asian readers, although the color are green, it’s not like green apple. You can’t eat it just like that.

Duku, not ripe enough also. I cant find english name for it. But found article about it at wikipedia.

Usually Durians are not supposed to be pluck, it will fall for itself when ripe and we collect it at the ground. But some say now with modern technologies Durian are harvested at the tree.
fallen durien

Well, because the rambutans, mangosteen and duku are not ripe enough. I just can eat durian for today. Lucky my mom have this small orchard. Small local fruit orchard are common in Melaka Village. Usually not for commercial use because of the small scale and only planted around the house compound. If want to buy durian now, the price are still higher. Could go for RM10 per kilos for good grade durians. Maybe the price will drop around September or October.

Pic of the Durian below are very local and we called it ‘Durian Kampung’. Not plant by clone or grafting technique. Just by seeds. Although the flesh is not thick like commercial planted Durian like the Thailand Durians, the strong aroma, creamy custard like flesh are unbearable.

Durian flesh with one cell.
durian flesh

2 cell golden Durian flesh from other tree. Maybe the color (gold or white) because from different species.
gold flesh


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